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Sadhana School of Music Dance and Arts 

Sadhana School of Music Dance and Arts was established in 2014 by young performing artists, Radhika Samson and Ramanan Venkatraman, to pursue their passion towards the arts.



Sadhana was born out of their immense love towards the arts and the urge to share with others the same passion and dedication, while building a stronger, more self reliant, young artists fraternity.


Drawing inspiration from simplicity and the sheer joy of experiencing an open and broad-minded learning process, Sadhana aspires to inculcate positive values while giving its students a unique insight into the magnificence and infinite knowledge of music, dance and arts. While inspiring students towards artist aesthetics by finding beauty in the mundane, Sadhana desires to form strong roots into the dynamism of arts while keeping in mind the multitude of perspectives, ideas and opinions.

Get in touch with Sadhana School of Music, Dance & Arts | +91 9818399688 

Sadhana - School of Music, Dance & Arts is a public charitable trust, registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882. Sadhana over the years has had the good fortune of being associated with well established performing artists who are well respected as not only practitioners of their art forms but also as instructors and guides.


 Artists associated with Sadhana


- Radhika Samson : Founder ,Odissi and Sitar Faculty

- V. Ramanan  : Founder and Western Music Faculty

- Saurabh Seshan : Tabla Faculty

- Shubam Modi : Hindustani Vocals Faculty.

- Parveen Gupta : Drums Faculty.

- Shweta Mohan : Bharatanatyam Faculty

-Sumana Sen : Kathak Faculty

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