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Radhika has been an immensely talented dancer since childhood. Seeing her inherent passion for music and dance, her parents channelized her interests and initiated her into the classical art form, ‘Odissi’. Their encouragement and support further gave her the opportunity to develop a keen interest in the performing and creative field. 


Radhika has received her initial training from Guru Dilip Mohapatra. During the course of her rigorous training with Guru Dilip Kumar Mohapatra,  prestigious performances began coming her way. With her determination and sincerity she blossomed into a proficient and professional Odissi dancer.

Radhika’s performances in prestigious platforms have been highly appreciated. She gained popularity and recognition amongst critics and connoisseurs, for her remarkable confidence and grace in blending abhinaya and nritta in its pure form. Currently Radhika is taking advanced training under the tutelage of Smt. Sujata Mohapatra, leading soloist and disciple of Late PadmaVibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.


She is training many young talents at her school- Sadhana. Radhika is known for her creative abilities and innovations in Odissi . Her prowess , for envisaging new concepts and choreographies has been widely acknowledged.  

Radhika has imbibed the purity, aesthetic spirit and sensibility of Odissi Dance through many years of her disciplined training. She promises to carry on the rich tradition of Odissi dance through her dedication and commitment.   

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